What is a Route?

A route is a link that has been vetted by our dedicated staff for usefulness and reliability. Routes.com’s mission is to go beyond search results by curating summaries and top “routes” for today's most popular subjects.

Routes.com is designed to help the average web user get access to a subject’s best resources. For each subject, short summaries are found defining and describing a topic. At the end of this high level overview, the top five “routes” are listed in the form of links to the most useful web resources for that topic. Researching a new car to buy? Routes.com will provide you with the best and most reliable automotive resources. Looking for an online guide to get you through your most recent DIY project? Routes.com will deliver the most well-vetted and reliable guides and videos.

Instead of a search engine, which uses automated algorithms to find the websites you’re looking for, all links (called “routes”) provided by Routes.com are manually vetted by our staff, so you know the information you’re seeing is reliable and trustworthy!

Why is routes better than a search engine?

Popular search engines like Google and Bing return great results. However, these results are generated by computer algorithms, not humans. Also, these results often only return websites, not descriptions or definitions. Sure, search engines will return snippets from Wikipedia, but what if Wikipedia doesn’t have an entry that matches your search term? This is where routes comes in to fill the void.

Did you know?

The majority of routes.com users come in from a search engine where the search term they used matches near or exactly with the name of the routes article? This is not a coincidence. Routes.com's articles are written specifically for search users looking to expand their knowledge on niche subjects.

More information

Now that you know more about routes.com, why not contribute? Laid out below is pages that explain more about this process. Routes.com's team is growing and is activley seeking to better its community.

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