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Why Contribute?

  1. Help grow to become the ultimate resource for niche topics
  2. Earn income treats article submissions like an application. If the article is accepted, there is a strong chance you will be invited to join the staff. For this reason, it is asked that if an article is not approved, an author should decline from continuing to make submissions. is looking for authors that follow direction and match the style of in a uniform way. In general, one submission is a good enough basis to understand if an author is a right fit or not.

Income Potential

Payout is determined on a case by case basis with writers being placed in different skill rankings. Exact figure are exchanged on a one on one basis. Payout is competitive with rates found on popular US market based content writing services.

The Process

  1. Submission - An author submits a new route with the hope of having it published on
  2. Review - We review your submission to see if it meets our standards. If we like it, we will email you an acceptance letter.
  3. Editing - Your submissions is professionally edited, fact checked and verified by one of our top editors.
  4. Feedback - if we like your submission, we will contact you about writing future routes where we pay you.

Article Requirements

  • Topic Selection - A topic must be something that matches a search term that is popular.
  • Typography - Brief summary of the topic itself along with sub topics. Headlines are mandatory. Bullets are recommended.
  • Style - 3rd person/Professional
  • Plagiarism - has no tolerance for plagiarized works. All articles are required to pass copyright verification tools.

More information

Need more information? Want to suggest a topic? Laid out below is pages that explain more about this process.'s team is growing and is activley seeking to better its community.

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